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The Law Office «Eirini Kapsali & Associates» is a dynamic office, with high scientific education and legal experience in many legal sectors, with an emphasis on Civil Law (Family Law, Property Law, Law of Contracts and Law of Inheritance), Commercial Law (Company Law, Securities and Trademark) Banking Law (especially Law 3869/2010 concerning “indebted households”) and Penal Law.
Thanks to our specialized, qualified and experienced lawyers, our office provides high quality legal services to individuals and legal entities, both in extrajudicial and advisory level as well as in trial, before the courts of all levels and jurisdictions. Our office services are provided either on the basis of a specific case or on a retainer contract (monthly or annual).

Our office, with a high sense of duty and loyal to the principles of the profession/vocation of a lawyer, thanks to constant updating and excellent infrastructure, offers affordable, exceptional and reliable legal services to its clients, with responsibility and direct awareness of their needs. Our aim is the reliable and effective representation of our clients, with the direct and optimal handling of their cases, according to their interests.